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calc58: #i113946# undo does not work for deleting shapes

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         //remove additional shape
-        uno::Reference< drawing::XShape > xShape( m_aSelection.getSelectedAdditionalShape() );
-        if( )
+        impl_ClearSelection();
-            impl_ClearSelection();
+            ::vos::OGuard aSolarGuard( Application::GetSolarMutex() );
+            if ( m_pDrawViewWrapper )
-                ::vos::OGuard aSolarGuard( Application::GetSolarMutex());
-                if( m_pDrawViewWrapper )
-                    m_pDrawViewWrapper->UnmarkAll();
+                m_pDrawViewWrapper->DeleteMarked();
+                bReturn = true;
-            bReturn = DrawModelWrapper::removeShape( xShape );
     return bReturn;
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