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vcl122: #i117746# remove unused ImplEntryList::IsEntrySelected

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 	sal_uInt16			GetSelectEntryCount() const;
 	XubString		GetSelectEntry( sal_uInt16 nIndex ) const;
 	sal_uInt16			GetSelectEntryPos( sal_uInt16 nIndex ) const;
-	sal_Bool			IsEntrySelected( const XubString& rStr ) const;
 	sal_Bool			IsEntryPosSelected( sal_uInt16 nIndex ) const;
 	void			SetLastSelected( sal_uInt16 nPos )	{ mnLastSelected = nPos; }


 // -----------------------------------------------------------------------
-sal_Bool ImplEntryList::IsEntrySelected( const XubString& rStr ) const
-	return IsEntryPosSelected( FindEntry( rStr ) );
-// -----------------------------------------------------------------------
 sal_Bool ImplEntryList::IsEntryPosSelected( sal_uInt16 nIndex ) const
 	ImplEntryType* pImplEntry = GetEntry( nIndex );
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