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#i10000#: export some more classes and methods

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File sc/inc/chgtrack.hxx

                                         return static_cast< SCSIZE >( nRow / nContentRowsPerSlot );
-	SC_DLLPUBLIC							ScChangeTrack( ScDocument* );
+            SC_DLLPUBLIC        ScChangeTrack( ScDocument* );
 								ScChangeTrack( ScDocument*,
 											const ScStrCollection& ); // only to use in the XML import
-	virtual						~ScChangeTrack();
+            SC_DLLPUBLIC virtual ~ScChangeTrack();
 			void				Clear();
 			ScChangeActionContent*	GetFirstGenerated() const { return pFirstGeneratedDelContent; }

File sc/inc/compressedarray.hxx

     /** Sum scaled values of a ScSummableCompressedArray for each row where in
         *this* array the condition is met: ((aValue & rBitMask) == rMaskedCompare). */
     template< typename S >
-    unsigned long               SumScaledCoupledArrayForCondition( A nStart, A nEnd,
+    SC_DLLPUBLIC unsigned long               SumScaledCoupledArrayForCondition( A nStart, A nEnd,
                                     const D& rBitMask, const D& rMaskedCompare,
                                     const ScSummableCompressedArray<A,S>& rArray,
                                     double fScale ) const;

File sc/inc/document.hxx

 									const String& aFileName,
 									const String& aTabName );
-    ScExternalRefManager* GetExternalRefManager();
+    SC_DLLPUBLIC ScExternalRefManager* GetExternalRefManager();
 	BOOL			HasDdeLinks() const;
 	BOOL			HasAreaLinks() const;

File sc/inc/externalrefmgr.hxx

-        void setCell(SCCOL nCol, SCROW nRow, TokenRef pToken, sal_uInt32 nFmtIndex = 0);
+        SC_DLLPUBLIC void setCell(SCCOL nCol, SCROW nRow, TokenRef pToken, sal_uInt32 nFmtIndex = 0);
         TokenRef getCell(SCCOL nCol, SCROW nRow, sal_uInt32* pnFmtIndex = NULL) const;
         bool hasRow( SCROW nRow ) const;
         void getAllRows(::std::vector<SCROW>& rRows) const;

File sc/inc/rangenam.hxx

 								// rTarget ist ABSPOS Sprungmarke
 					ScRangeData(const ScRangeData& rScRangeData);
-	virtual			~ScRangeData();
+    SC_DLLPUBLIC virtual        ~ScRangeData();
 	virtual	ScDataObject* Clone() const;

File sc/inc/token.hxx

-class ScEmptyCellToken : public ScToken
+class SC_DLLPUBLIC ScEmptyCellToken : public ScToken
             bool                bInherited          :1;
             bool                bDisplayedAsString  :1;
 /**  Transports the result from the interpreter to the formula cell. */
-class ScMatrixCellResultToken : public ScToken
+class SC_DLLPUBLIC ScMatrixCellResultToken : public ScToken
     // No non-const access implemented, silence down unxsols4 complaining about
     // the public GetMatrix() hiding the one from ScToken.
 /** Stores the matrix result at the formula cell, additionally the range the
     matrix formula occupies. */
-class ScMatrixFormulaCellToken : public ScMatrixCellResultToken
+class SC_DLLPUBLIC ScMatrixFormulaCellToken : public ScMatrixCellResultToken
             SCROW               nRows;