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#i115915# paper size box needs valid selection

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 	ResStringArray aPaperAry( CUI_RES( nAryId ) );
 	sal_uInt32 nCnt = aPaperAry.Count();
 	for ( sal_uInt32 i = 0; i < nCnt; ++i )
 		String aStr = aPaperAry.GetString(i);
 		if ( eSize == ePaper )
 			nActPos = nPos;
+        if( eSize == PAPER_USER )
+            nUserPos = nPos;
-	// aktuelles Papierformat selektieren
-	aPaperSizeBox.SelectEntryPos( nActPos );
+	// preselect current paper format - #115915#: ePaper might not be in aPaperSizeBox so use PAPER_USER instead
+    aPaperSizeBox.SelectEntryPos( nActPos != LISTBOX_ENTRY_NOTFOUND ? nActPos : nUserPos );
     // Applikationsspezifisch
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