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hsqldb19: merge conflict

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     TableWizard CurUnoDialog;
     TableDescriptor curTableDescriptor;
     Object oColumnDescriptorModel;
+    XTextComponent txtfieldname;
     XListBox xlstFieldNames;
     XButton btnplus;
     XButton btnminus;
         this.CurUnoDialog = _CurUnoDialog;
         curtabindex = (short) (TableWizard.SOFIELDSFORMATPAGE * 100);
         IFieldFormatStep = new Integer(TableWizard.SOFIELDSFORMATPAGE);
+	String sFieldName = CurUnoDialog.m_oResource.getResText(UIConsts.RID_TABLE + 23);
         String sFieldNames = CurUnoDialog.m_oResource.getResText(UIConsts.RID_TABLE + 25);
         String sfieldinfo = CurUnoDialog.m_oResource.getResText(UIConsts.RID_TABLE + 20);
         String sbtnplushelptext = CurUnoDialog.m_oResource.getResText(UIConsts.RID_TABLE + 45);
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