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vcl120: #i114306# enforce setting a new document printer

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 		if( bCopyJobSetup && mpViewShell )
-		    SfxPrinter* pDocPrt = mpViewShell->GetPrinter(sal_False);
+		    // #i114306#
+		    // Note: this possibly creates a printer that gets immediately replaced
+		    // by a new one. The reason for this is that otherwise we would not get
+		    // the printer's SfxItemSet here to copy. Awkward, but at the moment there is no
+		    // other way here to get the item set.
+		    SfxPrinter* pDocPrt = mpViewShell->GetPrinter(sal_True);
 		    if( pDocPrt )
 		        if( pDocPrt->GetName() == getPrinter()->GetName() )
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