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 <paragraph role="paragraph" id="par_id3155615" xml-lang="en-US" l10n="U" oldref="236"><emph>Months</emph> is the number of months before (negative) or after (positive) the start date.</paragraph>
 <paragraph role="heading" id="hd_id3156335" xml-lang="en-US" level="2" l10n="U" oldref="237">Example</paragraph>
 <paragraph role="paragraph" id="par_id3154829" xml-lang="en-US" l10n="U" oldref="238">What is the last day of the month that falls 6 months after September 14 2001?</paragraph>
-<paragraph role="paragraph" id="par_id3156143" xml-lang="en-US" l10n="U" oldref="239"><item type="input">=EOMONTH(9.14.2001;6)</item> returns 3.31.2002.</paragraph>
+<paragraph role="paragraph" id="par_id3156143" xml-lang="en-US" l10n="U" oldref="239"><item type="input">=EOMONTH(DATE(2001;9;14);6)</item> returns the serial number 37346. Formatted as a date, this is 2002-03-31.</paragraph>
+<paragraph role="paragraph" id="par_id3156144" xml-lang="en-US" l10n="U" oldref="239"><item type="input">=EOMONTH("2001-09-14";6)</item> works as well. If the date is given as string, it has to be in ISO format.</paragraph>
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