Anonymous committed 80b1d47

gnumake4: dbaccess: fix non-WNT error

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 	cppcanvas \
 	dbaccess \
     editeng \
-	formula \
 	framework \
 	idl \
 	linguistic \


 $(eval $(call gb_SrsTarget_set_include,dbaccess/sdbt,\
 	$$(INCLUDE) \
 	-I$(OUTDIR)/inc \
-	-I$(SRCDIR)/dbaccess\source\sdbtools\inc \
+	-I$(SRCDIR)/dbaccess/source/sdbtools/inc \
 	-I$(SRCDIR)/dbaccess/inc \


 # for a copy of the LGPLv3 License.
-ifeq ($(GUI),WNT)
 $(eval $(call gb_Executable_Executable,odbcconfig))
 	dbaccess/win32/source/odbcconfig/odbcconfig \
 # vim: set noet sw=4 ts=4:


 	Library_dbmm \
 	Library_dbui \
 	Library_sdbt \
-	Executable_odbcconfig \
 	Package_inc \
 	Package_uiconfig \
 	Package_xml \
+ifeq ($(GUI),WNT)
+$(eval $(call gb_Module_add_targets,dbaccess,\
+	Executable_odbcconfig \
 $(eval $(call gb_Module_add_subsequentcheck_targets,dbaccess,\
 	JunitTest_dbaccess_complex \
 	JunitTest_dbaccess_unoapi \
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