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Juergen Schmidt  committed 91d354b

i113538: add XHPDEST variable to make destination of generarted xhp file sconfigurable

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 SHELL_PACKAGE:=$(subst,/,$/ $(PACKAGE))
-HLANGXHPFILES:=$(foreach,i,$(XHPFILES) $(foreach,j,$(aux_alllangiso) $(COMMONMISC)$/$j$/$(SHELL_PACKAGE)$/$(i:f)))
+HLANGXHPFILES:=$(foreach,i,$(XHPFILES) $(foreach,j,$(aux_alllangiso) $(XHPDEST)$/$j$/$(SHELL_PACKAGE)$/$(i:f)))
 ALLTAR : $(COMMONMISC)$/$(TARGET).done $(COMMONMISC)$/xhp_changed.flag optix
 $(HLANGXHPFILES) : $$(@:d)thisdir.created
-$(COMMONMISC)$/{$(aux_alllangiso)}$/$(SHELL_PACKAGE)$/%.xhp :| %.xhp
+$(XHPDEST)$/{$(aux_alllangiso)}$/$(SHELL_PACKAGE)$/%.xhp :| %.xhp
     @$(TOUCH) $@
 # internal dependencies not sufficient to trigger merge?
 #    @$(NULL)
 .IF "$(WITH_LANG)"!=""
-	$(AUGMENT_LIBRARY_PATH) $(HELPEX) -QQ -p $(PRJNAME) -r $(PRJ) -i @$(mktmp $(uniq $(foreach,i,$? $(!eq,$(i:f),$(i:f:s/.xhp//) $(i:f) $(XHPFILES))))) -x $(COMMONMISC) -y $(SHELL_PACKAGE) -l all -lf $(aux_alllangiso:t",") -m $(LOCALIZESDF) && $(TOUCH) $@
+	$(AUGMENT_LIBRARY_PATH) $(HELPEX) -QQ -p $(PRJNAME) -r $(PRJ) -i @$(mktmp $(uniq $(foreach,i,$? $(!eq,$(i:f),$(i:f:s/.xhp//) $(i:f) $(XHPFILES))))) -x $(XHPDEST) -y $(SHELL_PACKAGE) -l all -lf $(aux_alllangiso:t",") -m $(LOCALIZESDF) && $(TOUCH) $@
 .ELSE			# "$(WITH_LANG)"!=""
-	cp $(uniq $(foreach,i,$? $(!eq,$(i:f),$(i:f:s/.xhp//) $(i:f) $(XHPFILES)))) $(COMMONMISC)$/en-US$/$(SHELL_PACKAGE) && $(TOUCH) $@
+	cp $(uniq $(foreach,i,$? $(!eq,$(i:f),$(i:f:s/.xhp//) $(i:f) $(XHPFILES)))) $(XHPDEST)$/en-US$/$(SHELL_PACKAGE) && $(TOUCH) $@
 .ENDIF			# "$(WITH_LANG)"!=""
 .IF "$(OS)"=="SOLARIS"
     @$(ECHONL) " "