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rtftok01: add some more charfmts

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     <ref name="plain" action="ResetCharacterProperties()"/>
+    <ref name="b" tokenid="sprm:CFBold"/>
+    <ref name="caps" tokenid="sprm:CFCaps"/>
+    <ref name="embo" tokenid="sprm:CFEmboss"/>
+    <ref name="fittext" tokenid="sprm:CFitText"/>
     <ref name="i" tokenid="sprm:CFItalic"/>
+    <ref name="impr" tokenid="sprm:CFImprint"/>
+    <ref name="scaps" tokenid="sprm:CFSmallCaps"/>
+    <ref name="shad" tokenid="sprm:CFShadow"/>
+    <ref name="strike" tokenid="sprm:CFStrike"/>
+    <ref name="striked" tokenid="sprm:CFDStrike"/>


             <xsl:text>RTFValue::Pointer_t const pValue(new RTFValueBool(0 != n));&#xA;</xsl:text>
           <xsl:when test="$type='value'">
+            <xsl:text>sal_Int32 const n( ('\0' == *value) ? 0 : ::rtl::OString(value).toInt32() );&#xA;</xsl:text>
+            <xsl:text>RTFValue::Pointer_t const pValue(new RTFValueInt(n));&#xA;</xsl:text>
             <xsl:text>#error token: </xsl:text>
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