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masterfix: #i10000# set WITH_LANG to all languages

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             product full
             PROEXT .pro
             PROFULLSWITCH product=full
-            WITH_LANG en-US de es fr hu it ja ko nl pl pt pt-BR ru sv th tr zh-CN zh-TW ar
+            WITH_LANG en-US af ar as ast be-BY bg bn bo br brx bs ca ca-XV cs cy da de dgo dz el en-GB en-ZA eo es et eu fa fi fr ga gl gu he hi hr hu id is it ja ka kid kk km kn ko kok ks ku lt lv mai mk ml mn mni mr my nb ne nl nn nr ns oc om or pa-IN pap pl pt pt-BR ro ru rw sa-IN sat sd sh si sk sl sr ss st sv sw-TZ ta te tg th tn tr ts ug uk ur uz ve vi xh zh-CN zh-TW zu
         pro:1 IF %UPDATER% != YES
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