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sw34bf04: #i117193#: RemovePresentAttrs::operator(): fix crash;
also fix comparison in lcl_CollectHintSpans (in case of multiple hints with
same position)

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         const SwTxtAttr* const pAutoStyle(i_rAttrSpan.second);
         SfxItemIter aIter(m_rAttrSet);
         const SfxPoolItem* pItem(aIter.GetCurItem());
-        while (true)
+        while (pItem)
             const sal_uInt16 nWhich(pItem->Which());
             if (CharFmt::IsItemIncluded(nWhich, pAutoStyle))
             const AttrSpan_t aSpan(*pHint->GetStart(), *pHint->GetEnd());
             o_rSpanMap.insert(AttrSpanMap_t::value_type(aSpan, pHint));
-            if (aSpan.first != nLastEnd)
+            // < not != because there may be multiple CHARFMT at same range
+            if (nLastEnd < aSpan.first)
                 // insert dummy span covering the gap
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