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impress207: #i115993# do not insert objects as presentation objects on master pages

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 	SdrGrafObj*		pNewGrafObj = NULL;
 	SdrPageView*	pPV = GetSdrPageView();
 	SdrObject*		pPickObj = pObj;
+	const bool bOnMaster = pPV && pPV->GetPage() && pPV->GetPage()->IsMasterPage();
 	if(pPV && this->ISA(::sd::slidesorter::view::SlideSorterView))
 	if( mnAction == DND_ACTION_LINK && pPickObj && pPV )
 		const bool bIsGraphic = pPickObj->ISA( SdrGrafObj );
-		if( bIsGraphic || pObj->IsEmptyPresObj() )
+		if( bIsGraphic || (pObj->IsEmptyPresObj() && !bOnMaster) )
 			if( IsUndoEnabled() )


 	if( pPV )
 		SdPage* pPage = static_cast< SdPage* >( pPV->GetPage() );
-		if( pPage )
+		if( pPage && !pPage->IsMasterPage() )
 			// first try selected shape
 			if ( AreObjectsMarked() )
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