Joachim Lingner  committed 9e4b578

jl155 #i111592# prevent crash when there is no internet connection and therefore there is an disabled checkbox when "Show all" is clicked

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File desktop/source/deployment/gui/dp_gui_updatedialog.cxx

     typedef std::vector<std::pair<uno::Reference<deployment::XPackage>,
         uno::Any> >::const_iterator ITERROR;
     for (ITERROR ite = out_errors.begin(); ite != out_errors.end(); ite ++)
-        handleSpecificError(ite->first, ite->second);
+    {
+        //Workaround to avoid a crash. When the name is empty, then an
+        //disable check box is added without a string. One must click on "Show all"
+        //display the check box. When clicking the checkbox of the extension then we
+        //crash
+        //We run into this scenario if, for example, there is no internet connection.
+        //In that case, we do not want to show an entry anyway. Maybe therefore existed
+        //the handleGeneralError in earlier.
+        if (ite->
+            handleSpecificError(ite->first, ite->second);
+    }
     typedef ::std::vector<dp_misc::UpdateData>::const_iterator CIT;
     for (CIT i = vecGoodUpdates.begin(); i != vecGoodUpdates.end(); i++)