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Fix for issue: 106274

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File sc/source/ui/vba/vbaname.cxx

 ScVbaName::getName() throw (css::uno::RuntimeException)
 	String sName;
-	sName += UniString( getWorkSheet()->getName());
-	sName += String::CreateFromAscii("!");
+	//sName += UniString( getWorkSheet()->getName()); // Resolve the defect that the name get by macro code are not the same with that in UI (for example, if a name of "AA" is found in the UI "Define Names" dialog box, the result of get that name through macro code will be "Sheet1!AA")
+	//sName += String::CreateFromAscii("!");
 	sName += UniString ( mxNamedRange->getName() );
 	return ::rtl::OUString( sName );