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cws dict33a: #i114630# sr/sh dictionary update

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+OpenOffice.org Spelling and Hyphenation for Serbian (Cyrillic and Latin)
+Created by the Serbian OpenOffice.org community. Learn more about Serbian OOo
+native-language project at http://sr.openoffice.org
+OpenOffice.org 3 extension with autoupdate feature can be downloaded
+from: http://extensions.services.openoffice.org/project/dict-sr
+The content is same as in dict-sr extension release 2010-09-20
+The dictionary content is based on the Hunspell dictionary and the Hyphen
+hyphenation patterns for the Serbian language. All content of the dictionary can
+be used under the terms of GNU LGPL version 3.
+Serbian spellcheck dictionary (files sr.dic, sr.aff, sh.dic, sh.aff) is released
+under disjunctive tri-licence GNU LGPL version 2.1 or later / MPL version 1.1 or
+later / GNU GPL version 2 or later giving you the choice of one of the three
+sets of free software licensing terms. You can also use the dictionary under the
+terms of the Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 Unpored licence.
+Serbian hyphenation patterns (files hyph_sr.dic and hyph_sh.dic) are derived
+from the official TeX patterns for Serbocroatian language (Cyrillic and Latin)
+created by Dejan Muhamedagić <dejan@hello-penguin.com> version 2.02 released on
+22 June 2008. The format is adopted for usage with Hyphen hyphenation library
+and is released again as hyphen-sr under the compatible GNU LGPL version 2.1 or
+You can track development at http://gitorious.org/dict-sr/ Please send your
+suggestions and contributions to the dev@sr.openoffice.org public mailing list
+Submodule repositories
+  Hunspell dictionary:        http://gitorious.org/dict-sr/hunspell-sr
+  Hyphen patterns:            http://gitorious.org/dict-sr/hyphen-sr

File dictionaries/sr/description.xml

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 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 <description xmlns="http://openoffice.org/extensions/description/2006" xmlns:d="http://openoffice.org/extensions/description/2006"  xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink">
-    <version value="2010.08.18" />
+    <version value="2010.09.20" />
     <identifier value="org.openoffice.sr.dictionaries.sr" />
         <name lang="en">Serbian spelling and hyphenation dictionaries</name>

File dictionaries/sr/makefile.mk

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     $(EXTENSIONDIR)$/sh.dic \
     $(EXTENSIONDIR)$/sr.aff \
     $(EXTENSIONDIR)$/sr.dic \
-    $(EXTENSIONDIR)$/README_sh.txt \
-    $(EXTENSIONDIR)$/README_sr.txt \
     $(EXTENSIONDIR)$/hyph_sh.dic \
-    $(EXTENSIONDIR)$/hyph_sr.dic \
-    $(EXTENSIONDIR)$/license_sr.txt \
-    $(EXTENSIONDIR)$/license_sh.txt
+    $(EXTENSIONDIR)$/hyph_sr.dic 
 # disable fetching default OOo license text
 # override default license destination

File dictionaries/sr/sh.aff

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+LANG sr-Latn
+KEY qwertyuiopšđž|asdfghjklčć|zxcvbnm|žšđ|ćšč|žčđ|đćž|zy|qawsedrftgyhuj|jikolpč|azsxdcfvgbh|hnjmk
+MAP 4
+MAP cć
+MAP cč
+MAP zž
+MAP sš
+REP 1
+REP dj đ
+ICONV fi fi
+ICONV fl fl
+ICONV st st
+ICONV ij ij
+ICONV œ oe

File dictionaries/sr/sr.aff

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+LANG sr
+KEY љњертжуиопшђж|асдфгхјклчћ|зџцвбнм|жшђ|ћшч|жчђ|ђћж|зж|љањседрфтгжхуј|јиколпч|азсџдцфвгбх|хнјмк
+MAP 4
+MAP цћ
+MAP цч
+MAP зж
+MAP сш
+REP 8
+REP дј ђ
+REP лј љ
+REP нј њ
+REP дж џ
+REP ц с # Ако хоћу да откуцам слово „С“ могу се залетети за ознаком на тастатури и уписати „Ц“ (C)
+REP п р # Ако хоћу да откуцам слово „В“ могу се залетети за ознаком и уписати „Б“ (B)
+REP џ х # Ако хоћу да откуцам слово „Р“ могу се залетети за ознаком и уписати „П“ (P)
+REP х н # Ако хоћу да откуцам слово „Х“ могу се залетети за ознаком и уписати „Џ“ (X)
+        # Ако хоћу да откуцам слово „В“ могу се залетети за ознаком и уписати „Б“ (B) (покривено KEY паром „в - б“)
+ICONV ҵ тц
+ICONV ҥ нг
+ICONV ӕ ае