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txtl10n: #i113008# #i113125# rename .xht to .tree

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 const char *ExeTable[][5] = {
 	{ "src", "transex3", "  -UTF8 -e", "negative", "noiso" },
 	{ "hrc", "transex3", "  -UTF8 -e", "positive", "noiso" },
-	{ "xht", "xhtex", "", "negative", "noiso" },
+	{ "tree", "xhtex", "", "negative", "noiso" },
 	{ "xtx", "xtxex", "", "negative", "noiso" },
 	{ "ulf", "ulfex", " -e", "negative", "noiso" },
 	{ "xrb", "xmlex", "-UTF8 -e", "negative", "iso" },


     $(COMMAND_ECHO)echo last_merge=$(alllangiso) > $@
 .ENDIF          # "$(XTXFILES)"!=""
-.IF "$(XHTFILES)"!=""
+.IF "$(TREEFILE)"!=""
 .IF "$(alllangiso)"!="$(last_merge)"
 .ENDIF          # "$(alllangiso)" != "$(last_merge)"
 	@@-$(MKDIRHIER) $(@:d)
 .IF "$(WITH_LANG)"==""
     $(COMMAND_ECHO)$(COPY) $< $@
     $(COMMAND_ECHO)@noop $(assign PDESTDIR1:=$(@:d:d:d))
 .ENDIF          # "$(WITH_LANG)"==""
 .IF "$(WITH_LANG)"!=""
 # xtxex command file requirements:
 # - one file per line
 .ENDIF          # "$(WITH_LANG)"!=""
 	@-$(RM) $@
     $(COMMAND_ECHO)echo last_merge=$(alllangiso) > $@
-.ENDIF          # "$(XHTFILES)"!=""
+.ENDIF          # "$(TREEFILE)"!=""
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