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#i64508# allow compile on current baseline with fontconfig 2.2.0

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  * - a multi-platform office productivity suite
  * $RCSfile: fontconfig.cxx,v $
- * $Revision: $
  * This file is part of
 using namespace psp;
-#include <fontconfig/fontconfig.h>
-#include <ft2build.h>
-#include <fontconfig/fcfreetype.h>
-// be compatible with fontconfig 2.2.0 release
-    #define FC_WEIGHT_BOOK 75
-    #define FC_EMBEDDED_BITMAP "embeddedbitmap"
-    #define FC_FAMILYLANG "familylang"
+    #include <fontconfig/fontconfig.h>
+    #include <ft2build.h>
+    #include <fontconfig/fcfreetype.h>
+    // allow compile on baseline (currently with fontconfig 2.2.0)
+    #ifndef FC_WEIGHT_BOOK		// TODO: remove when baseline moves to fc>=2.2.1
+        #define FC_WEIGHT_BOOK 75
+    #endif
+    #ifndef FC_EMBEDDED_BITMAP	// TODO: remove when baseline moves to fc>=2.3.92
+        #define FC_EMBEDDED_BITMAP "embeddedbitmap"
+    #endif
+    #ifndef FC_FAMILYLANG		// TODO: remove when baseline moves to fc>=2.2.97
+        #define FC_FAMILYLANG "familylang"
+    #endif
+    #ifndef FC_HINT_STYLE		// TODO: remove when baseline moves to fc>=2.2.91
+    	#define FC_HINT_STYLE  "hintstyle"
+    	#define FC_HINT_NONE   0
+    	#define FC_HINT_SLIGHT 1
+    	#define FC_HINT_MEDIUM 2
+    	#define FC_HINT_FULL   3
+	#endif
-typedef void FcConfig;
-typedef void FcObjectSet;
-typedef void FcPattern;
-typedef void FcFontSet;
-typedef void FcCharSet;
-typedef int FcResult;
-typedef int FcBool;
-typedef int FcMatchKind;
-typedef char FcChar8;
-typedef int FcChar32;
-typedef unsigned int FT_UInt;
-typedef void* FT_Face;
-typedef int FcSetName;
+    typedef void FcConfig;
+    typedef void FcObjectSet;
+    typedef void FcPattern;
+    typedef void FcFontSet;
+    typedef void FcCharSet;
+    typedef int FcResult;
+    typedef int FcBool;
+    typedef int FcMatchKind;
+    typedef char FcChar8;
+    typedef int FcChar32;
+    typedef unsigned int FT_UInt;
+    typedef void* FT_Face;
+    typedef int FcSetName;
 #include <cstdio>
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