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INTEGRATION: CWS swenhancedfields2 (1.43.22); FILE MERGED
2008/08/04 14:16:52 b_michaelsen RESYNC: (1.43-1.45); FILE MERGED
2008/04/23 14:29:23 ama #i33737#: Enhanced fields

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  * - a multi-platform office productivity suite
  * $RCSfile: wrtsh.hxx,v $
- * $Revision: 1.46 $
+ * $Revision: 1.47 $
  * This file is part of
 	BOOL GoNextBookmark(); // TRUE, wenn's noch eine gab
 	BOOL GoPrevBookmark();
+        bool GotoFieldBookmark(SwBookmark *pBkmk);
 	BOOL GotoField( const SwFmtFld& rFld );
 	// jump to the next / previous hyperlink - inside text and also
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