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contl10n01: minor fixes

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                     lines = [line.strip('\n') for line in zfile.readlines()]           
-                    os.remove(file[:file.rfind(".gz")])
-              "Unzipping "+file+" to "+file[:file.rfind(".gz")])
+              "Unzipping "+file)
                         f = open(file[:file.rfind(".gz")], "w")
                         for line in lines:
         if self.is_repository_created(self._cws_name, 120) == False:
             self.log.die("Repository for cws "+self._cws_name+" is not created! Giving up after waiting 120 minutes")
+        if self._cws_root[1] == ":":
+            self._cws_root = "/cygdrive/" + self._cws_root[0] + self._cws_root[2:]
         myui = ui.ui()
         repo = hg.repository(myui, self._cws_root + "/" )
         ### hg add ###
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