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fs33a: +i114247# sync WindowBits and Style

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 	pImp->SetWindowBits( nWinStyle );
+    if ( nWindowStyle != GetStyle() )
+    {
+        SetStyle( nWindowStyle );
+    }
 void SvTreeListBox::PaintEntry( SvLBoxEntry* pEntry )
     SvLBox::StateChanged( i_nStateChange );
     if ( ( i_nStateChange & STATE_CHANGE_STYLE ) != 0 )
-        SetWindowBits( GetStyle() );
+        if ( GetStyle() != nWindowStyle )
+            // keep in sync with our WindowBits
+            // TODO: SetWindowBits is weird, it should be completely replaced (in all clients) with SetStyle
+            // (or are there WindowBits which have a different meaning when interpreted as style? Wouldn't
+            // be the first time, but all of those should be fixed meanwhile ...)
+            SetWindowBits( GetStyle() );
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