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cmcfixes76: #i112656# osl_clearEnvironment, MacOSX 10.4 has old-school void ret unsetenv

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 		if (putenv(rtl_string_getStr(pBuffer)) == 0)
 			result = osl_Process_E_None;
+#elif (defined(MACOSX) || defined(NETBSD) || defined(FREEBSD))
+		//MacOSX baseline is 10.4, which has an old-school void return
+		//for unsetenv.
+                //See:
+		unsetenv(rtl_string_getStr(pstr_env_var));
+		result = osl_Process_E_None;
 		if (unsetenv(rtl_string_getStr(pstr_env_var)) == 0)
 			result = osl_Process_E_None;
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