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CWS-TOOLING: integrate CWS extmgr02
2009-05-28 09:06:03 +0200 ericb r272377 : #i102274# add a comment
2009-05-28 08:17:04 +0200 dv r272376 : #i102274# Performance optimization for cygwin accidentally removed setting of access rights for all other unix plattforms

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 			installer::systemactions::copy_one_file($source, $destination);	
+			# see issue 102274 
+			my $unixrights = "";
+			if ( $onefile->{'UnixRights'} )
+			{
+				$unixrights = $onefile->{'UnixRights'};
+				my $localcall = "$installer::globals::wrapcmd chmod $unixrights \'$destination\' \>\/dev\/null 2\>\&1";
+				system($localcall);
+			}
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