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masterfix: #i10000# adaptions for beta release

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 #OpenOffice_SDK,,,,,,unxlngi6,unxmacxi,unxsoli4,unxsols4,wntmsci12  en-US   sdkoo
 OpenOffice_Dev_SDK,,,,,,unxlngi6,unxmacxi,unxsoli4,unxsols4,wntmsci12  en-US   sdkoodev
 #URE   ,,,,unxlngi6,unxsoli4,unxsols4,wntmsci12  en-US   ure
-OpenOfficeLanguagepack,,,,,    de      ooolanguagepack
+OpenOfficeLanguagepack,,,,,    de|ja       ooolanguagepack
 OpenOfficeLanguagepack   unxlngi6,unxsoli4,unxsols4,wntmsci12,unxmacxi                                     de      ooolanguagepack
-OpenOfficeDevLanguagepack,,,,,     de|fr|ja|ar|ru   ooodevlanguagepack
+OpenOfficeDevLanguagepack,,,,,     ar|as|ast|be-BY|bg|bn|ca|ca-XV|cs|da|de|dz|el|en-GB|eo|es|et|eu|fi|fr|ga|gl|gu|he|hi|hu|id|is|it|ja|ka|km|kn|ko|ku|lt|lv|mk|ml|mr|my|nb|nl|nn|oc|om|or|pa-IN|pl|pt|pt-BR|ro|ru|sh|si|sk|sl|sr|sv|ta|te|th|tr|ug|uk|uz|vi|zh-CN|zh-TW   ooodevlanguagepack
 #BrOfficeLanguagepack,,,,        pt-BR   broolanguagepack
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