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#i10000# #i103543# write correct en-US tree files

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     ($tree_src = $scriptname) =~ s/\/\/..\/source\/auxiliary/;
     ($tree_dest = $scriptname) =~ s/\/\/..\/$destpath\/misc/;
     ($source_dir = $scriptname) =~ s/\/\/..\/source/;
+    ($source_dir_xhp = $scriptname) =~ s/\/\/..\/source/;
     if ( defined $ENV{TRYSDF} && defined $ENV{LOCALIZESDF} )
     $tree_src = "$prj\/source\/auxiliary";
     $tree_dest = "$prj\/$destpath\/misc";
     $source_dir = "$prj\/source";
+    $source_dir_xhp = "$prj\/source";
     $treestrings = "$source_dir/text/shared/tree_strings.xhp";
     if ( defined $ENV{TRYSDF} && defined $ENV{LOCALIZESDF} )
                 ($id = $l) =~ s/^.*id="([^"]*)".*$/$1/gis;
                 ($module = $id) =~ s/^([^\/]*).*$/$1/;
                 $id =~ s/^.*?\///;
-                $file = "$source_dir/$id";
+                $file = "$source_dir_xhp/$id";
                 if ($lng eq 'en-US') { # english comes from the file
                     if (open F,$file) {
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