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ooo340 / sw / inc / swmodule.hxx

 * Copyright 2000, 2010 Oracle and/or its affiliates.
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 * This file is part of OpenOffice.org.
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 * it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License version 3
 * only, as published by the Free Software Foundation.
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 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * GNU Lesser General Public License version 3 for more details
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 * for a copy of the LGPLv3 License.
#include <tools/link.hxx>
#include <tools/string.hxx>
#include <vcl/fldunit.hxx>
#include <svl/lstner.hxx>
#include <unotools/options.hxx>
#include <sfx2/module.hxx>

#include <tools/shl.hxx>
#include <svl/lstner.hxx>
#include "swdllapi.h"
#include "shellid.hxx"
#include <fldupde.hxx>
#include <com/sun/star/linguistic2/XLinguServiceEventListener.hpp>
#include <com/sun/star/linguistic2/XLanguageGuessing.hpp>
#include <svx/svxenum.hxx>

class SvStringsDtor;
class Color;
class SfxItemSet;
class SfxRequest;
class SfxErrorHandler;
class SwDBConfig;
class SwModuleOptions;
class SwMasterUsrPref;
class SwViewOption;
class SwView;
class SwWrtShell;
class SwPrintOptions;
class SwChapterNumRules;
class SwStdFontConfig;
class SwNavigationConfig;
class SwTransferable;
class SwToolbarConfigItem;
class SwAttrPool;
namespace svtools{ class ColorConfig;}
class SvtAccessibilityOptions;
class SvtCTLOptions;
class SvtUserOptions;
class SvtUndoOptions;

struct SwDBData;
#define VIEWOPT_DEST_WEB    	2
#define VIEWOPT_DEST_VIEW_ONLY 	3 //ViewOptions werden nur an der ::com::sun::star::sdbcx::View, nicht an der Appl. gesetzt

namespace com{ namespace sun{ namespace star{ namespace scanner{
	class XScannerManager;

class SW_DLLPUBLIC SwModule: public SfxModule, public SfxListener, public utl::ConfigurationListener
	String				sActAuthor;

	// ConfigItems
	SwModuleOptions*    pModuleConfig;
	SwMasterUsrPref*	pUsrPref;
	SwMasterUsrPref*	pWebUsrPref;
	SwPrintOptions* 	pPrtOpt;
	SwPrintOptions* 	pWebPrtOpt;
	SwChapterNumRules*	pChapterNumRules;
	SwStdFontConfig*	pStdFontConfig;
	SwNavigationConfig*	pNavigationConfig;
	SwToolbarConfigItem*pToolbarConfig;		//fuer gestackte Toolbars, welche
	SwToolbarConfigItem*pWebToolbarConfig;	//war sichtbar?
	SwDBConfig*			pDBConfig;
    svtools::ColorConfig*   pColorConfig;
    SvtAccessibilityOptions* pAccessibilityOptions;
    SvtCTLOptions*      pCTLOptions;
    SvtUserOptions*     pUserOptions;
    SvtUndoOptions*     pUndoOptions;

	SfxErrorHandler* 	pErrorHdl;

	SwAttrPool			*pAttrPool;

	// Die aktuelle View wird hier gehalten um nicht ueber
	// GetActiveView arbeiten zu muessen
	// Die View ist solange gueltig bis Sie im Activate
	// zerstoert oder ausgetauscht wird
	SwView* 			pView;

	// Liste aller Redline-Autoren
	SvStringsDtor*		pAuthorNames;

	// DictionaryList listener to trigger spellchecking or hyphenation
		::com::sun::star::linguistic2::XLinguServiceEventListener > xLngSvcEvtListener;
		::com::sun::star::scanner::XScannerManager >	m_xScannerManager;
        ::com::sun::star::linguistic2::XLanguageGuessing >  m_xLanguageGuesser;

	sal_Bool				bAuthorInitialised : 1;
	sal_Bool				bEmbeddedLoadSave : 1;

	// Hint abfangen fuer DocInfo
	virtual void		Notify( SfxBroadcaster& rBC, const SfxHint& rHint );

    virtual void        ConfigurationChanged( utl::ConfigurationBroadcaster*, sal_uInt32 );

	// Briefumschlaege, Etiketten
    void                InsertEnv(SfxRequest&);
	void				InsertLab(SfxRequest&, sal_Bool bLabel);

    // public Data - used for internal Clipboard / Drag & Drop / XSelection
    SwTransferable  *pClipboard, *pDragDrop, *pXSelection;


	// dieser Ctor nur fuer SW-Dll
	SwModule( SfxObjectFactory* pFact,
				SfxObjectFactory* pWebFact,
					SfxObjectFactory* pGlobalFact );


	// View setzen nur fuer internen Gebrauch,
	// aus techn. Gruenden public
	inline	void		SetView(SwView* pVw) { pView = pVw; }
	inline	SwView*		GetView() { return pView; }

	//Die Handler fuer die Slots
	void				StateOther(SfxItemSet &);	// andere

    void                ExecOther(SfxRequest &);    // Felder, Formel ..

	// Benutzereinstellungen modifizieren
	const SwMasterUsrPref *GetUsrPref(sal_Bool bWeb) const;
	const SwViewOption*	GetViewOption(sal_Bool bWeb);
	void				ApplyUsrPref(const SwViewOption &, SwView*,
									 sal_uInt16 nDest = VIEWOPT_DEST_VIEW );
    void ApplyUserMetric( FieldUnit eMetric, BOOL bWeb );
    void ApplyRulerMetric( FieldUnit eMetric, BOOL bHorizontal, BOOL bWeb );
    void ApplyFldUpdateFlags(SwFldUpdateFlags eFldFlags);
	void ApplyLinkMode(sal_Int32 nNewLinkMode);

    //default page mode for text grid
    void ApplyDefaultPageMode(sal_Bool bIsSquaredPageMode);

	// ConfigItems erzeugen
	SwModuleOptions*    GetModuleConfig()		{ return pModuleConfig;}
	SwPrintOptions* 	GetPrtOptions(sal_Bool bWeb);
	SwChapterNumRules*	GetChapterNumRules();
	SwStdFontConfig*	GetStdFontConfig()		{ return pStdFontConfig; }
	SwNavigationConfig* GetNavigationConfig();
	SwToolbarConfigItem*GetToolbarConfig()		{ return pToolbarConfig;	}
	SwToolbarConfigItem*GetWebToolbarConfig()   { return pWebToolbarConfig; }
	SwDBConfig*			GetDBConfig();
    svtools::ColorConfig&   GetColorConfig();
    SvtAccessibilityOptions&    GetAccessibilityOptions();
    SvtCTLOptions&      GetCTLOptions();
    SvtUserOptions&     GetUserOptions();
    SvtUndoOptions&     GetUndoOptions();

	// Ueber Sichten iterieren
	static SwView* 		GetFirstView();
	static SwView* 		GetNextView(SwView*);

	sal_Bool IsEmbeddedLoadSave() const 		{ return bEmbeddedLoadSave; }
	void SetEmbeddedLoadSave( sal_Bool bFlag )	{ bEmbeddedLoadSave = bFlag; }

    void ShowDBObj( SwView& rView, const SwDBData& rData, BOOL bOnlyIfAvailable = FALSE);

	// Tabellenmodi
	sal_Bool			IsInsTblFormatNum(sal_Bool bHTML) const;
	sal_Bool 			IsInsTblChangeNumFormat(sal_Bool bHTML) const;
	sal_Bool			IsInsTblAlignNum(sal_Bool bHTML) const;

	// Redlining
	sal_uInt16			GetRedlineAuthor();
	const String&		GetRedlineAuthor(sal_uInt16 nPos);
	sal_uInt16			InsertRedlineAuthor(const String& rAuthor);

	void				GetInsertAuthorAttr(sal_uInt16 nAuthor, SfxItemSet &rSet);
	void				GetDeletedAuthorAttr(sal_uInt16 nAuthor, SfxItemSet &rSet);
	void				GetFormatAuthorAttr(sal_uInt16 nAuthor, SfxItemSet &rSet);

	sal_uInt16				GetRedlineMarkPos();
	const Color&			GetRedlineMarkColor();

	SvxCompareMode		GetCompareMode() const;
	void				SetCompareMode( SvxCompareMode eMode );
	BOOL				IsUseRsid() const;
	void				SetUseRsid( BOOL b );
	BOOL				IsIgnorePieces() const;
	void				SetIgnorePieces( BOOL b );
	USHORT				GetPieceLen() const;
	void				SetPieceLen( USHORT nLen );

	// returne den definierten DocStat - WordDelimiter
	const String&		GetDocStatWordDelim() const;

	// Durchreichen der Metric von der ModuleConfig (fuer HTML-Export)
	sal_uInt16 GetMetric( sal_Bool bWeb ) const;

	// Update-Stati durchreichen
	sal_uInt16 GetLinkUpdMode( sal_Bool bWeb ) const;
    SwFldUpdateFlags GetFldUpdateFlags( sal_Bool bWeb ) const;

	//virtuelle Methoden fuer den Optionendialog
	virtual SfxItemSet*	 CreateItemSet( sal_uInt16 nId );
	virtual void		 ApplyItemSet( sal_uInt16 nId, const SfxItemSet& rSet );
	virtual	SfxTabPage*	 CreateTabPage( sal_uInt16 nId, Window* pParent, const SfxItemSet& rSet );

	//hier wird der Pool angelegt und an der SfxShell gesetzt
	void	InitAttrPool();
	//Pool loeschen bevor es zu spaet ist
	void	RemoveAttrPool();

	// Invalidiert ggf. OnlineSpell-WrongListen
	void	CheckSpellChanges( sal_Bool bOnlineSpelling,
					sal_Bool bIsSpellWrongAgain, sal_Bool bIsSpellAllAgain, sal_Bool bSmartTags );

	inline ::com::sun::star::uno::Reference<
		::com::sun::star::linguistic2::XLinguServiceEventListener >
    inline void SetLngSvcEvtListener( ::com::sun::star::uno::Reference<
        ::com::sun::star::linguistic2::XLinguServiceEventListener > & xLstnr);
    void    CreateLngSvcEvtListener();

		::com::sun::star::scanner::XScannerManager >

        ::com::sun::star::linguistic2::XLanguageGuessing >

inline ::com::sun::star::uno::Reference<
	::com::sun::star::linguistic2::XLinguServiceEventListener >
	return xLngSvcEvtListener;

inline void SwModule::SetLngSvcEvtListener(
       ::com::sun::star::linguistic2::XLinguServiceEventListener > & xLstnr)
    xLngSvcEvtListener = xLstnr;

/*-----------------08.07.97 10.33-------------------
	Zugriff auf das SwModule, die ::com::sun::star::sdbcx::View und die Shell

#define SW_MOD() ( *(SwModule**) GetAppData(SHL_WRITER))

SW_DLLPUBLIC SwView* 	GetActiveView();
SW_DLLPUBLIC SwWrtShell* GetActiveWrtShell();