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Date: 2008-01-11

This project is used to generate the ICC color
profile needed in module vcl in order to export
to PDF/A-1a.
It's composed of a small application, which lurks in:


That application links to a support library
(icc/download/SampleICC-1.3.2), build at OOo
build time.
Finally, the application is run at OOo build time to
generate the only file delivered to solver:

If you need to change the data into the ICC profile,
please change the create_sRGB_profile.

The library was downloaded from:
on 2007-08-23.

For information on ICC profiles, you may want to visit:

Notes for porters
the endianess and other platform specific configuration
are in:


The patches:
SampleICC-1.3.2.patch is the file to be used for Linux and Windows
SampleICC-1.3.2-bendian.patch is the file to be used for
big endian platform, formed from the above patch plus the big endian

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