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Redland RDF library (librdf)

Module: external/redland

Upstream URL: http://librdf.org/

License: Triple-licensed: LGPL v2+/GPL v2+/Apache v2
         Note that Sun distributes this software only under LGPL v2
         (see LICENSE.txt)

This module contains the third-party Redland RDF / librdf library, which
is needed to support data in RDF (Resource Description Framework) format.
It consists of 3 parts:
- raptor:  parsers and serializers for numerous RDF file formats
- rasqal:  query engine which supports SPARQL queries
- redland: librdf integrates raptor and rasqal, and provides numerous storage
           engines for storing RDF graphs (in memory, SQL, ...)

Libraries: libraptor, librasqal, librdf

There are several patches, most of which contain only hacks to get it to
build with OOo build system.
There used to be also 3 patches here that fix bugs in redland and ought to be
of general interest:
- redland-1.0.8.patch.free_null:
  redland destructor functions don't check if argument is NULL
- redland-1.0.8.patch.storage_hashes_context_serialize_get_statement:
  hashes storage: the function to create statements during serialization does
                  not fill in the context propery (i.e. context is NULL)
- redland-1.0.8.patch.storage_hashes_list_duplicates:
  hashes, list storage: if contexts are enabled, then it is possible to add
                        duplicate statements
Attempts to upstream these patches failed for reasons upstream kept to
themselves.  Now these patches are replaced with workarounds in unoxml.
Note to future maintainers: work around redland bugs in client code.