ooo340 / ooo_custom_images / README.txt

How to add a new image set:

- Create a directory for it here (let's call it e.g. new_set)

- Add its images_ name to ALLTAR in instsetoo_native/packimages/

- Add its gid to the Files section of gid_Module_Root_Brand in
  scp2/source/ooo/common_brand.scp and add a corresponding File entry to the
  brand layer(s) where the image set shall be available (see for example
  gid_Brand_File_ImagesCrystal_Zip in scp2/source/ooo/ooo_brand.scp)

- Add a SfxSymbolsStyle constant for it in svtools/inc/imgdef.hxx, e.g.

- Add a vcl constant for it in vcl/inc/settings.hxx, e.g.

- Map the vcl constant to its real name in
    ::rtl::OUString StyleSettings::GetCurrentSymbolsStyleName() const
    ULONG StyleSettings::ImplNameToSymbolsStyle( const ::rtl::OUString &rName ) const
  both in vcl/source/app/settings.cxx, e.g.
    case STYLE_SYMBOLS_NEW_SET: return ::rtl::OUString::createFromAscii( "new_set" );
    else if ( rName == ::rtl::OUString::createFromAscii( "new_set" ) )

- Enhance the SFX_SYMBOLS_STYLE <-> STYLE_SYMBOLS converting functions
    static sal_Int16 implSymbolsStyleFromVCL( ULONG nStyle )
    static ULONG implSymbolsStyleToVCL( sal_Int16 nStyle )
  in svtools/source/config/miscopt.cxx.

- Add SFX_SYMBOLS_STYLE constant to 'switch( nStyleLB_NewSelection )' in 
    BOOL OfaViewTabPage::FillItemSet( SfxItemSet& rSet )
  and to 'switch ( aMiscOptions.GetCurrentSymbolsStyle() )' in
    void OfaViewTabPage::Reset( const SfxItemSet& rSet )
  both in svx/source/dialog/optgdlg.cxx.

- Add localized item names to 'ListBox LB_ICONSTYLE' to
    'StringList [ de ]'
  and 'StringList [ en-US ]', e.g.
    < "New set" ; > ;
  both in svx/source/dialog/optgdlg.src

- Add all known localizations of the new item to svx/source/dialog/localize.sdf, e.g.
    svx	source\dialog\optgdlg.src	0	stringlist	OFA_TP_VIEW.LB_ICONSTYLE	6			0	cs	New set				2002-02-02 02:02:02
  the check box item will not be visible in the other localizations otherwise, see

- Add the new_set to 'SymbolsStyle' property
  in officecfg/registry/schema/org/openoffice/Office/Common.xcs.

- The default theme for various desktops (KDE, GNOME, ...) is defined in
    ULONG StyleSettings::GetCurrentSymbolsStyle() const in

- The fallback for particular icons is defined in