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Miha Stajdohar  committed 715caf6

Fixed imports and requirements.

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File _modelmaps/modelmap.py

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 import orngVizRank as vr
 import model
-from operator import itemgetter
 from orngScaleData import getVariableValuesSorted
 from Orange import data, distance, ensemble, feature, misc, projection

File _modelmaps/widgets/OWModelMap.py

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-import os.path, itertools
-from operator import itemgetter
+import os.path
-from Orange import classification, data, feature, misc, modelmaps, network, utils
+from Orange import classification, misc, modelmaps, network, utils
 from Orange.network.community import CommunityDetection
 from OWNxCanvasQt import OWNxCanvas

File setup.py

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-    #'numpy',
-    #'numpydoc',
-    #'networkx',
-    # Dependencies which are problematic to install automatically
-    #'pygraphviz',
-    #'scipy',      # Requires Fortran compiler
-    #'matplotlib', # Requires that numpy is installed first
+    'numpy',
+    'numpydoc',
+    'scipy',      # Requires Fortran compiler
     'GUI': (
         # Dependencies which are problematic to install automatically
-        #'PyQt', # No setup.py
+        'PyQt4',