Miha Stajdohar avatar Miha Stajdohar committed e68d359

Bug fixes.

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 ROOT = "/home/miha/work/res/modelmaps"
 #ROOT = "/Network/Servers/xgridcontroller.private/lab/mihas/modelmaps"
-ROOT = "C:\\Users\\Miha\\work\\res\\modelmaps"
+#ROOT = "C:\\Users\\Miha\\work\\res\\modelmaps"
 def build_map_for_metric_comparisson(DATASET, N):
     print "DATA SET: %s" % DATASET
 #smxs = build_map_for_metric_comparisson("breast-cancer-wisconsin", N=501)
-#smxs = build_map_for_metric_comparisson("wine", N=1000)
 #smxs = build_map_for_metric_comparisson("voting", N=1000)
-#smxs = build_map_for_metric_comparisson("vehicle", N=1000)
 #smxs = build_map_for_metric_comparisson("iris", N=10)
-#smxs = build_map_for_metric_comparisson("heart_disease", N=1000)
 smxs = build_map_for_metric_comparisson("dermatology", N=1000)
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