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Fixed imports.

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File orangecontrib/modelmaps/

 .. autofunction:: get_feature_subsets
-import bz2, itertools, math, random, os.path, time, uuid, re, sys
+import bz2, itertools, math, random, os.path, time
 import cPickle as pickle
 import scipy.stats
 import numpy as np
-import orngVizRank as vr
+import Orange.orng.orngVizRank as vr
 import model
-from orngScaleData import getVariableValuesSorted
 from Orange import data, distance, ensemble, feature, misc, projection
 from Orange.classification.knn import kNNLearner
-from Orange.classification.tree import SimpleTreeLearner, TreeLearner
+from Orange.classification.tree import TreeLearner
 MODEL_LIST = ["", "SCATTERPLOT", "RADVIZ", "SPCA", "POLYVIZ", "TREE", "NaiveLearner", "kNNLearner", "SVM", "RF"]

File orangecontrib/modelmaps/widgets/

 import os.path
-from Orange import classification, data, misc, utils
-from Orange.orng.orngScaleLinProjData import *
-from Orange.OrangeWidgets.OWkNNOptimization import OWVizRank
+from Orange import classification, utils
 from Orange.OrangeWidgets.Visualize.OWDistributions import OWDistributionGraph
 from orangecontrib import modelmaps, network
 from import CommunityDetection
-from import OWNxCanvas
 from import *
 from import *
-from PyQt4 import QtCore
 NAME = "Model Map"
 DESCRIPTIPN = "Visualization and analysis of prediction models"