A proposal to add few things in the next version if possible

arnabnaha avatararnabnaha created an issue

If we can add a few things to openbiblio, it will be greatly benefited 1. Adding member photo and to export that pic along with other info to reports for member ID card printing

  1. Adding an option to set up membership fee, so that as soon as a new member is formed, the membership fee is applied automatically in the accounts.

  2. Adding Hold request fee, I mean as soon as a member asks for a hold request, he/she should pay a small fee so that he is genuine about holding the copy and that should be reflected automatically in the accounts. If he doesnt pay the hold request fee, the hold request will be cancelled.

  3. This is very important..to allow printing of receipts from the software itself for the membership fee/fines/hold request fee.

  4. Allowing sending emails from the system, to greet members and also let them know about new books in library. Also emails can be used to notify members for their hold requests and other various tasks..

Thanks and regards

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