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Bug with inserting new material type after you converted 0.5 to 0.7.1 (and solution)

Marcus Bautze
created an issue

Hi, a user found a bug after he converted openbiblio 0.5g (from to 0.7.1 After he tried to add a new material type he got the error "Column count doesn't match value count"

I searched for the error and found out, that after the conversion from 0.5 there are two obsolete coloumns in table material_type_dm and so the insert-command failed.

I searched for a fix, where i don't have to convert this table again and which is working with converted tables from and non converted tables and so i modified function 'insert' in classes/DmQuery.php to:

function insert($table, $dm) { $places = ""; if ($table == "material_type_dm") {$places = "(code,description,default_flg,image_file)";} $sql = $this->mkSQL("insert into %I %i values ", $table, $places); if ($table == "collection_dm" or $table == "material_type_dm" or $table == "mbr_classify_dm") { $sql .= '(null, '; } else { $sql .= $this->mkSQL('(%Q, ', $dm->getCode()); } $sql .= $this->mkSQL("%Q, 'N' ", $dm->getDescription()); if ($table == "collection_dm") { $sql .= $this->mkSQL(", %N, %N)", $dm->getDaysDueBack(), $dm->getDailyLateFee()); } elseif ($table == "material_type_dm") { $sql .= $this->mkSQL(", %Q)", $dm->getImageFile()); } elseif ($table == "mbr_classify_dm") { $sql .= $this->mkSQL(", %N)", $dm->getMaxFines()); } else { $sql .= ")"; }



in i will include this patch

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  1. Hans van der Weij

    It turns out that...

    • The renewal patch implemented in differs from renewal as was implemented in OpenBiblio 0.5.2
    • Deleting the obsolete columns was not included in the patch that converts the database from back to the main version.

    Both German and English versions of have the now obsolete columns (adult_renewal_limit and juvenile_renewal_limit). After converting to 0.7.1, these columns are still present and this results in the error when adding a new material type.

    How and when will a fix be implemented in a new OpenBiblio release?

    I think I will simply ignore the data from the obsolete columns and remove those. Currently I do not know when I can find the time to implement this. Until then, users of English versions that converted to 0.7.1 can try Marcus' fix for function 'insert' in classes/DmQuery.php

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