Adding HTML links for e-book links

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We would like to add e-books in our library with direct links to their respective PDFs. We were not albe to add any HTML codes to the book entries, in order to create a hyperlink to the e-book download.

Any solution for this? I suppose that libraries will all go digital soon and therefore consider this very important.

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  1. Hans van der Weij

    Somewhere around 2004 I suggested a quick and dirty code change in one of our forums that is capable of creating a link in the biblio_view.php page. I don't have a direct link to find the code, sorry. You can try the search function. Sadly no one ever improved that incomplete code and I did not have the opportunity to spend time on it. I might be persuaded when offered a paid assignment, but frankly it would be wiser to spend time and money to make our newer code branch 10-wip ready for production. In the old code (current release cycle) the linking feature would suffer from a bug that is already fixed in the newer code branch.

    If I would expect that libraries will all go digital soon, I would not be developing OpenBiblio at all.

    If you think your library will go 100% digital soon, switch to a different solution. Suggestions? Invenio, Greenstone

  2. alexbotkin

    I may be overlooking the obvious, but I can't seem to find the code change to which you are referring. The link above seems to only connect to a "Thanks" message which I am sure is deserved. Any guidance?

  3. Hans van der Weij

    There used to be more (older) messages in the linked discussion. I tried to find them without result. Perhaps I scared them away because I called them quick and dirty.

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