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want to change domain prefix

Anonymous created an issue

I instaled openbiblo quite a long time ago. nowaday I have new wordpress site. in my openbiblo catalogue I have registered quiet many books. I didn’t whant to lose all this data so i didn’t install new open biblo for my new worpdress website i was just using link of my old website. today my old website was broken down. I don’t know the reason but it doesn’t works any more. to say the truth it doesnt metter, the only reason i was still useing this site was my openbiblo catalogue. but there is a problem with openbiblo catalogue too. it’s working but not properly. worst is that i cant add books and other information any more. if i lose all datas i have in my openbiblo catalogue and if i cant add new books in catalogue, it would be a huge problem for me. so what can i do to fix this problem and on the othar hand not to lose any data? can i change instalation settings and change the domain prefixs? or i should do something else? i hope i wrote clearly what i whant please answer me i realy need help.

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  1. Hans van der Weij

    Open the catalog's search page and check the browser's address bar. When this ends with /opac/index.php, then you are using the public catalog. When you need to update the information in the catalog, remove /opac/index.php from the adress bar and replace this with /home/index.php, press Enter. Then you should see a page similar to the public catalog but with additional tabs. When one of the tabs (Circulation, Cataloging, etc.) is accessed, the page Staff Login should show up.

    If it's something else you're struggling with then I'm afraid I didn't get it. Especially the parts about Wordpress and domain prefix confuse me.

    Anyway, the OpenBiblio Help forum is probably a better place for questions like this. More people read this forum and also it would be easier to exchange personal messages with you.

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