MARC field do not change when adding new bibliography other than book

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When I Want to add new bibliography other than book (magazines, CD etc.), the MARC fields in form do not change according to bibilography type. For example, when I select "Magazines", there is still ISBN in the form, not ISSN.

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  1. Hans van der Weij

    Initially the form is identical for all material types that come with OpenBiblio. It's easy to change this yourself by adding custom MARC fields for a material type: in tab Admin go to » Material Types. In the "Function" column there is a link "MARC Fields" for every material type.

    This and more is also explained in the Documentation section of our website:

    Perhaps we can make it even more easy if custom MARC fields are defined on install. But then the question is: what choices should we make? Feedback for that is welcome.

  2. Anonymous

    I did see that this really was an issue. If you add custom MARC fields, no more than 1 custom field will show up until the new bibliography is attempted to be submitted. Then the additional fields will show on the form after it errors for not having a required field filled.

  3. Hans van der Weij

    Thanks for your comment, Alex.

    After testing I've concluded that custom MARC Fields works correctly me. But when I turn JavaScript off, the additional fields do not show or do not disappear when the material type is changed.

    Do you have JavaScript turned off? If it's turned on it might be a browser issue, then please reply with details about the browser that you are using including the version number.

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