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Hii I am using openbiblio 0.7.1 with xampp in windows 7. I want t stop checking out of books that are marked damaged or mending.Now, I am able to checkout books which are marked damaged/mending. Can you please help me how to achieve it?

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  1. Hans van der Weij
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    Is this really a bug? I would have to think hard, but that won't happen tonight.

    Anyway: to prevent checking out for a particular copy status you can try adding code to /classes/CircQuery.php A good place for this might be below the part that checks for the hold status. It should start something like the following

    if ($copy->get(statusCD() == mnd) { 
  2. arnabnaha

    Can you please tell me where to place this code exactly...i am no it will be of great help...can you specify the previous line so that i can find it..

  3. alexbotkin

    Perhaps you could create a fictional user "Damaged Books" and have all books that need mending placed On Hold to this user.

  4. Hans van der Weij

    Yeah, a simple workaround like that is probably much better here.

    I don't think there is a limit to the number of holds, but probably holds won't work if the books aren't check out. So the workflow will be something like:

    • check out damaged or mending copy to member "Library staff".
    • make a hold for this copy for member "Damaged Books".
    • check the copy in to change status to on hold.

    Library staff with privilege for Circulation can delete the hold, but I think it's unlikely that someone will do that unintended. Adding instructions to the description field (also visible for OPAC users) will make it even more clear.

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