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Hi, Im Rob the music director of Capital Carillon here in Washington DC. I run a non profit auditioned music group and we have a large music library. A few years ago I installed Openbiblio 0.6.0 and its great. We have been using MarcMaker to make the marc files and uploading then into Openbiblio. I have a few questions which I really need assistance with please. 1. I see a new Version 0.7.0 is out. How do I upgrade with out loosing all my data already installed and is it worth the upgrade. 2.We first started with this system, we installed the add on enhanced search, OPAC2 but it really did give us much more search ability. How can I add search types to the drop down, in our case Catalog#, Arranger, Composer, Season, etc. and attach them to the correct marc field.

Can someone please point me in the correct direction. I am not sure this is the correct place to ask for help. If not I am sorry. I love this program, Thank guys! Rob Washington DC

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  1. Hans van der Weij

    Hello Rob,

    1) For upgrade instructions read the file install_instructions.html in the download file. You should make a backup of the database before upgrading.

    Is it worth the upgrade? There are many new and improved features, including search. The best way to find out is to to test the new version. You can setup a test server on a stand-alone PC using EasyPHP or a similar 'WAMP' package. Again, read install_instructions.html for more info. After creating the database on the test server, load your OpenBiblio database from a backup and install the new version of OpenBiblio. (hint: avoid the most recent releases of WAMP packages because current releases of MySQL 5.6 have known problems. MySQL 5.5 or lower should work fine)

    2) After updating OpenBiblio you'll lose the feature of selecting / deselecting material types and collections by ticking checkboxes on the search pages. OPAC2 isn't updated for OpenBiblio 0.7, do you really need this feature? You should test the new version to find out if the new keyword search and improved other search types suit your needs. Perhaps you don't have need additional search types because keyword search now searches many MARC fields.

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