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I'm working on a spanish translation because I need it urgently for a public library in Colombia. Am I wasting my time? Is there already a spanish version working well?

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  1. Mauricio Riveros Barbosa

    Sorry by first comment as anonymous - I was on a hurry. I already have traslated all .php files on /en subdirectory but some string still appearing on english - I think remaining files (.slq on sql subdir) should be translated also. I don't know... please confirm.

  2. Hans van der Weij

    You're thinking in the right direction Mauricio;

    Supposing you have copied all of the files under locale/en to a new directory called locale/xx (as explained at http://obiblio.sourceforge.net/index.php/Main/TranslatingOpenBiblio)...

    ... you should also translate the files in directory obiblio/locale/xx/sql/0.7.1/domain/

    For the files in this directory starting with usmarc_ you should take a look at http://www.loc.gov/marc/marcspa.html Sadly these translations are not in a file format that we can use in OpenBiblio, it would be wonderful if someone finds a way to produce that.

    Oh, and sorry: even when all strings in locale/xx are translated, some text in the interface will still be English. Someone produced a fix for this, but it can't be used right now (needs correction).

  3. Maysara Abdulhaq

    I've tested the fork quickly, it failed to install in spanish, worked with english (i had to drop the database and recreate it) ; changing the language to spanish later in the admin did not translate all the strings (as Hans van der Weij mentioned/expected).

    Error was:

    Wrong number of result rows: expected 1, got 0

    Please give all the information on this page to your support personnel.

    Query SELECT * FROM settings failed. The DBMS said this:

    No DBMS Error Debug Backtrace (most recent call first):

    /var/www/obiblio/classes/Error.php:137 FatalHandler->printBackTrace() /var/www/obiblio/classes/Error.php:105 FatalHandler->dbError('SELECT * FROM settings ', 'Wrong number of result rows: expected 1, got 0', 'No DBMS Error') /var/www/obiblio/classes/Query.php:69 Fatal->dbError('SELECT * FROM settings ', 'Wrong number of result rows: expected 1, got 0', 'No DBMS Error') /var/www/obiblio/classes/InstallQuery.php:54 Query->select1('SELECT * FROM settings ') /var/www/obiblio/classes/InstallQuery.php:69 InstallQuery->_getSettings('') /var/www/obiblio/install/install.php:71 InstallQuery->getCurrentDatabaseVersion()

    somehow settings belonging in the settings table were not set !

  4. Maysara Abdulhaq

    copied 0.7.1 from en to es, merged most of the changes (checked diff of 0.5.2 and 0.7.1 and tracked the diff in the es); it works, the strings i was looking at when switched language from the admin page were translated correctly, the opposite issue now happens (when changing to english the strings stay in spanish); but otherwise, it works for me.

    Thanks Mauricio and cheche, this is helping me to figure what i need to do with the arabic locale

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