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Issue #12 resolved
Theodor Kiss created an issue

System many times offers those barcodes which are in use. How could I avoid this problem?

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  1. Micah Stetson repo owner
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    There are 3 ways I know of that this can happen. One would involve more than one person adding a copy to the system at the same time. I don't think that's happening. Another way would be if you have items with all numeric barcodes already in the system whose numbers weren't made by the automatic barcode feature. A third way would be if you've entered more than about 10,000 items and your automatic barcodes no longer have leading zeros.

    If none of these sounds like you, then I don't know what's causing your problem, and I'd really like to find out.

    If one of the last two does sound like you, here's what you can do. Edit catalog/biblio_copy_new.php and find the line that looks like this:


  2. Theodor Kiss reporter

    Yes, I entered some barcodes just like OpenBiblio creates. But what should I edit? (I'm a beginner and / or the instruction is missing from your post :)

  3. Former user Account Deleted

    If most of the barcodes for your bibliography copies are made by the automatic feature, then I suggest that you try to correct the barcodes you've entered manually. For understanding the barcode numbering structure, refer to OpenBiblio Help section 4b: Copy new and edit pages, subsection Barcode Number - Autogenerate. Perhaps the Copy Search Report, sorted by barcode number, is useful for checking which barcode numbers do not correspond to the internal numbering structure. Following a link in the title column takes you to Bibliography Information / Bibliography Copy Information. From there, use the edit link to access the Edit Copy page. To correct a barcode number, use the values for bibid and copyid in the the browser location bar. As explained in Help, bibid needs to be entered with leading zeros.



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