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how to run or implement patches such as (obiblio-covers.patch, patch_titleremainder_search.diff)

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  1. Ayman Bustanji

    I am new to Openbiblio/ XAMPP/ MySQL etc… I have installed and implemented everything successfully … it is really something great However, I was trying to find out how to run or implement patches you have created such as (obiblio-covers.patch, patch_titleremainder_search.diff) But I didn’t find any good or clear information regarding that.

  2. Maysara Abdulhaq


    I guess this is not openbiblio specific question, and should not be asked (nor answered) here; but generally speaking, to apply patches and diffs, you use the command "patch" ; if you are cloning your code from hg, i guess you can use hg import as well.

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