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alexbotkin created an issue

We've loaded most of our library and thing are looking good.

We have members who allow their membership to lapse from time to time. We want to keep all the information on them, but we want to stop them from borrowing.

We created a "Non-paid" classification and entered 0 "zero" for borrowing privileges for that class, but have discovered that it translates to infinite borrowing, The system does not stop you from checking out.

I've tried entering -1 and "X" and it always resets to 0.

Is there fix for this other than deleting the member?


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  1. Hans van der Weij

    Hi Alex, you are right; "zero" means unlimited checkouts. I agree this is counter-intuitive. But I'm afraid this really was intended and other users might be using unlimited checkouts as a feature. I'm thinking it would be suitable to change the feature to be intuitive when we release a new major version.

    For now you can use a simple code change, suggested in the following discussion:

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