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Roberto Moreno
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What is the possibility of implementing the proposed rule in development? In case you do not follow the project, which is the possibility that we can make a relay in managing to keep the same name?

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  1. Micah Stetson repo owner
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    I'm responding since you assigned it to me, but I'm not really involved in this project anymore. Hans is in charge.

    Adopting some sort of coding standard is not a bad idea, if somebody wants to do the work of updating the code. It certainly isn't critical priority (I've changed it to minor). Which coding standard to choose is likely contentious. My two cents: I'm so in love with gofmt that I wouldn't adopt a standard that wasn't largely implemented by an automatic formatting tool.

    I'm not sure what you mean about a relay.

  2. Hans van der Weij

    https://bitbucket.org/mstetson/obiblio will be outdated. Sooner or later, that is the question.

    Who will be happy changing the code in https://bitbucket.org/mstetson/obiblio to PSR or any other coding standard and then finding out that issue #1 is fixed in https://bitbucket.org/mstetson/obiblio-10-wip ?

    Current users of OpenBiblio probably don't mind so much, but for many libraries issue 1 will be a show-stopper. Removing the show-stopper is important for the future of the OpenBiblio project.

    So getting obiblio-10-wip to work for 0.x.x users is the real issue. Then again... also for obiblio-10-wip changing to some coding standard will be a minor issue in the foreseeable future.

    I'm sure a coding standard can be helpful for implementing new features. But currently for both versions new features are not a priority.

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