Depreciated code: set_magic_quotes_runtime

Issue #16 resolved
Craig Ryan created an issue

when running reports on PHP5.3.3

I changed the code in PDF.php to:

ini_set('magic_quotes_runtime', 0);


ini_set('magic_quotes_runtime', $mbr);

A file including my modifications is attached

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    PHP 5.3 should run the PDF reports without error when in php.ini the following production value is used: E_ALL & E_DEPRECATED

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    Correction: production value in php.ini is

    error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED
  3. Hans van der Weij

    In addition to my anonymous messages above:

    Reports OK, no "deprecated" message, when running OpenBiblio reports on Windows, running Uniform Server 5.6.9-Nano:

    • Apache 2.2.16
    • MySQL 5.1.49
    • PHP 5.3.3

    PHP.INI for production (error_reporting = E_ALL & E_DEPRECATED)

    I assumed this would work for all PHP 5.3 versions. Surprisingly I discovered later that it doesn't:

    Reports fail because of a "deprecated" message when running on Ubuntu 9.04 running XAMPP for Linux 1.7.3a

    • Apache 2.2.14
    • MySQL 5.1.41
    • PHP 5.3.1

    Even with PHP.INI: error_reporting = E_ALL & E_DEPRECATED

  4. Hans van der Weij

    XAMPP for Linux 1.7.3a runs PDF reports fine after making these changes to PHP.INI:

    error_reporting = E_ALL & E_DEPRECATED

    display_errors = Off

    These are both Production Values

  5. Hans van der Weij

    One more correction, for some reason the snake symbol before E_DEPRECATED got lost in my previous two posts.

    These are the production values that you need for running the PDF reports:

    error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED
    display_errors = Off
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