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Check in of books should be done in member's info just like hold and checking out of books.

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    is their any api for openbiblio???if member login will be their in newer version so that they can hold book or cancel hold.. and see list of books issued to him it would be running the software in ubuntu os..

  2. Hans van der Weij

    Check in of books should be done in member's info

    I see only one advantage: Member Info notifies in red "outstanding account balance", so you would be informed about late returns.

    There is a huge disadvantage: Check In work-flow would become very inefficient. Checking in returns should not require a member card to be scanned first. Imagine: there's a pile of returned books on the circulation desk, and the members have left already (or the items are returned in a book-drop). So I disagree. But I agree that OpenBiblio should notify staff when an overdue item is returned and / or the member has an outstanding account balance.

    is their any api for openbiblio???



  3. Hans van der Weij


    On Check In now checkin_form more or less does what anonymous was missing, without changing the work-flow:

    • Member name is a link to Member Info
    • When copy is late: number of days late (in red)
    • Unpaid overdue fees: Outstanding account balance (in red)

    Some code is duplicated from mbr_view. Perhaps it's prettier if one script can be called for showing member messages.

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