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There is no Cyrillic support in openbiblio, how can you help me???

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  1. Micah Stetson repo owner
    • changed status to open

    I'm not a Cyrillic user, myself, so I may not be aware of the issues. Does UTF-8 not work properly? What can we do to help you?

  2. Florian Neukamm

    Just tested it myself. UTF-8 seems to work fine except that the search forms of OPAC handle requests case sensitively.

  3. Hans van der Weij

    Cyrillic - Russian?

    There is a Russian translation, published in the patches section:

    I can't test it, but I see that it uses character set win-1251.

    Perhaps for Cyrillic the following is also possible:

    • Character set: koi8r
    • Collation: koi8r_general_ci

    Adjusting settings

    In general I would say: Latin-1 iso-8859-1 is preferred for OpenBiblio.

    For experimenting with other scripts, UTF-8 seems the right choice. But when producing labels or letters with the reports system, the PDF might show strange characters (there is a partial fix, linked at the bottom of this message). For using UTF-8, I think you should adjust the following:


    • Character set: utf-8
    • Collation: utf-8_unicode_ci


    • tab Admin, Library Settings, HTML Charset: utf-8


    UTF-8 case sensitive (Florian)

    When testing UTF-8, I was also experiencing what Florian reported: search is case sensitive for some characters. Probably this is not an issue in OpenBiblio because i get the same result in a command line interface to MySQL (5.1.41). The following doesn't find niño

    select * from biblio where biblio.title like '%NIÑO%';

    Strange characters in PDF reports

    PDF's produced by OpenBiblio's reports system probably will not be very useful for Cyrillic users. You can try the fix linked below.


    UTF-8 and PDF reports

    This fix converts UTF-8 characters (not all) to single byte for PDF files produced by the reports system:

    PHP 5.4

    (currently not yet released), needs the following changes:

    More issues?

    Hard to say, because it's hard to test. Need very detailed reports from users.

  4. Hans van der Weij

    Updated install_instructions.html:

    • create database OpenBiblio /*!40100 default character set latin1 */;
    • Added information about possible issues when database character set is not latin1

    We need feedback from users on issues for other characters sets than latin1.

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