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Hi, I would like to ask for help please. We have just installed the OpenBiblio and I love it!! However looking at some of the other site that already have OpebBiblio up and running I found one in your gallery, UHRC Library at , Due to the fact that we are trying to catalog music, having a search page like this would help us greatly. I have installed the Advanced Search add on but it does not work. It gives me a fatal error. Can anyone help me please set this search us as did UHRC. Thank you My e-mail address is Any help would be most helpful!!

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  1. Anonymous

    First off Thank you for your time to send this infromation. However I have a problem which I stil need help with. It seem that if you do not have a Dedicated Server hosting plan, I cant use the commands to or Shell to Patch this search. Can you give me directions on how to run this patch and then upload? Do you have anyone that can do this patch for me? If so we will be happy to pay! I just need it up and running!

    Thanks Rob

  2. Hans van der Weij
    • Applied the advanced search patch for 0.6.x to the source code that is being developed for OpenBiblio 0.7.0
    • Changed default search type to "All".
    • Included MARC field 505$a (this can slow down search if the biblio_field table has many rows).
    • Attached the resulting files here.

    This is NOT intended to be included in the 0.7.0 release, only for users that need an easier install of the advanced search patch.

    Tested OK with OpenBiblio 0.6.1.

    This is not exactly like the older version of the advanced search patch UHRC is using. The older version has a bibliography count for every collection and material type. The advanced search for 0.6.x doesn't count, probably because it slows down opening the search page.

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