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Issue #45 resolved

Date class returns 0000-00-00 for illegal dates

Hans van der Weij
created an issue

Example illegal date: 2011-06-31

Affected: Reports system (introduced in 0.6.0) Circulation - Override Due Date in Bibliography Check Out form on Member Info (introduced in 0.7.0)

When an illegal date is entered in Override Due Date, Due Back Date is set to 0000-00-00. On Check In, if there is a Daily Late Fee for the collection the item belongs to, an enormous Daily Late Fee will be calculated. This probably won't be noticed until Member Info is opened for this member. Library staff can try to deduce that the enormous Daily Late Fee is an error, caused by OpenBiblioBy checking Checkout History. But deducing can be problematic because old history is automatically purged when new circulation transactions are made.

Before releasing 0.7.0, Override Due Date needs to be fixed, or dropped :-(