Camel Case file name references fail in *nix installs

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./shared/read_settings.php, install, and other files use Capitalized file names, which fails in *nix file systems (Linux ext3 for example).

I created soft links with the Capitalized names, but it does get tedious...

This should be a simple no-brainer fix.

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Files referenced by


    • ../classes/Error.php
    • ../classes/InstallQuery.php
    • ../classes/Iter.php
    • ../classes/Nav.php
    • ../classes/Query.php
    • ../classes/Settings.php


    • ../classes/SettingsQuery.php
    • ../classes/Theme.php
    • ../classes/ThemeQuery.php
    • ../functions/errorFuncs.php


    • ../classes/Localize.php


    • ../classes/SessionQuery.php


    • ../classes/Staff.php
    • ../classes/StaffQuery.php


    • ../functions/inputFuncs.php


    • ../classes/Dm.php
    • ../classes/DmQuery.php


    • ../functions/formatFuncs.php


    • ../classes/CheckoutPrivsQuery.php


    • ../classes/Report.php
    • ../classes/Params.php


    • ../classes/Date.php


    • ../classes/Rpt.php


    • ../locale/en/help/biblioSearch.php
    • ../locale/en/help/biblioCopyEdit.php
    • ../locale/en/help/opacLookup.php
    • ../locale/en/help/memberView.php
    • ../locale/en/help/biblioEdit.php


    • ../classes/UsmarcTagDm.php
    • ../classes/UsmarcTagDmQuery.php
    • ../classes/UsmarcSubfieldDm.php
    • ../classes/UsmarcSubfieldDmQuery.php


    • ../classes/MaterialFieldQuery.php


    • ../classes/Member.php


    • ../classes/BiblioSearch.php
    • ../classes/BiblioSearchQuery.php


    • ../classes/BiblioField.php


    • ../classes/BiblioCopy.php
    • ./classes/BiblioCopyQuery.php


    • ../classes/MemberQuery.php


    • ../classes/BiblioHold.php
    • ../classes/BiblioHoldQuery.php
    • ../classes/MemberAccountQuery.php


    • ../classes/MemberAccountTransaction.php


    • ../classes/BiblioStatusHist.php
    • ../classes/BiblioStatusHistQuery.php


    • ../functions/searchFuncs.php

    That's all I've found so far...

  2. Micah Stetson repo owner

    The bug isn't that the capitalized names are referenced in the source, it's that you somehow ended up with lowercase names on your system. The capitalized versions are the correct versions, and that's how they are in the repository. Where did you download OpenBiblio with lowercase names for those files?

  3. ajshea

    It looks like the SourceForge download is older than the source available here. I didn't notice that when I installed.

    However, I do confirm that the SourceForge zip does contain capitalized filenames when I check it on my desktop, so it appears there is a bug in the version of unzip my hosting service provides -- "UnZip 5.52 of 28 February 2005, by Debian".

    Sorry, it didn't occur to me to verify that sort of problem before logging all this. Still not sure how I could have gotten around it though. unzip -l only displays lowercase names.

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